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Tye River Elementary School

  • Items we collected, such as clothing and school supplies, were first delivered to Tye River Elementary School on January 29, 2015. This outreach program was initially spearheaded by Sue Tiller.
  • Later in 2015 we began asking for contributions at our social events
  • You were generous - here is what we delivered to counselor David Hill in August 2015
  • Sue Solomon got us organized for round two of cold-weather clothes buying
  • At the 2015 annual meeting you authorized us to contribute $500 from our treasury to augment what you contributed at social events
  • We hit the advertised sales and also negotiated sales on the spot
  • The picture of what we delivered was in the January 2016 edition of THE LINK
  • You have continued to be generous at MHA events
  • We made a bigger back-to-school buy in 2016 and delivered the supplies a week before school started
  • David Hill has moved on to serve the County in a new capacity. Here's a picture of our delivery to the new counselor, Ashley Bryant
  • We continued to accept your donations and prepared for a bigger, more organized cold-weather clothing buy in 2016
  • Over 100 children received winter clothing
  • Thank you for continuing to support the project


  • Picture from summer of 2017 donation!
  • Thank you for continuing to support the project

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